5.13l - October 8, 2020

5.13m (6) - beta - March 31, 2021

  • Allow co-localization study for XYShape/ShapePlot...
  • Fix an issue in Contour Roi (triggered in nucleoid detection)
  • Fix an issue in ShapePlot (Only the categories of the last group were taken into account)
  • Add a new version of CombineStack

How to Install MicrobeJ

  • Locate the ImageJ or Fiji Folder:
    • On Windows...
    • On MacOSX...
  • Download MicrobeJ_.jar into the "ImageJ\plugins\" or "Fiji.app\plugins\" folder.
  • For ImageJ, you must also download and drop bioformatspackage.jar into the "ImageJ\plugins\" folder.
  • Restart ImageJ or Fiji.
  • Select 'MicrobeJ' in the Plugins menu.

Older Versions of MicrobeJ